Consumers like VoIP because it allows them to save money on long-distance and international calls, and it is easier to stay in contact with friends and family. VoIP provides businesses with new ways to make sales and enhance their overall marketing strategies. Business VoIP providers can offer hosted VoIP solutions and remote customer service via the Internet. Hosted VoIP is usually used by small businesses that cannot afford their own infrastructure and do not have the IT expertise to implement and maintain an in-house communications network.

With VoIP technology integrated into your business phone system, customers can receive all their calls through their computer at home or the office. The VoIP provider supplies an adapter, and router, plus wiring or cable connections to your offices. A PC or smartphone is required to access your VoIP service. The beauty of a hosted phone system is that all of the communications features are managed by the VoIP provider, which means that you don’t have to worry about outages or downtime due to technical problems. Hosted PBX solutions are flexible enough to accommodate most business needs.

VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) allows you to access phone service over the web.

Calls are made directly to the person you want to call, avoiding long-distance charges and various other charges. VoIP also allows you to interconnect with your hosted VoIP system, providing your employees with access to phone numbers from any location. VoIP also enables you to incorporate VoIP phone systems into your existing business phone system. This reduces the need to purchase new equipment and eliminates one more financial liability.

One of the main attractions of VoIP over traditional phone systems is the cost savings.

Most VoIP providers provide services at much better rates than landline telephony services. Business phone systems often include unlimited long distance and international calling, while residential services may only include local calling. Plus VoIP providers typically offer the flexibility of allowing you to create virtual numbers that can be forwarded to cell phones or regular landlines.

Business VoIP requires some IT support. Typically, a network administrator is assigned to handle calls between your business and its employees. In the beginning, it may be necessary to hire an experienced Cabling Services Provider (CSP) to install the VoIP phone system. But most CSPs these days offer excellent rates and options for deploying VoIP, and many can even help migrate your existing phone system to VoIP. Some providers also offer managed IP phone systems, which simplify the process of incorporating VoIP into your existing business phone system.

To get started, a business will need to decide what features they wish to incorporate into their new phone system. Will calls to and from the office to be free? Or maybe a fee will be required to use the VoIP feature? Do you need voice mail or faxes to go with the VoIP feature? Will customers be allowed to call into the office using a standard telephone, or will they have to use a phone purchased via VoIP provider to do so?

Finding an appropriate VoIP service provider for your business is critical to success. Many VoIP service providers offer competitive rates and plans, but some charge extra for features such as voice mail and faxes, and may not include some of the more basic functions necessary to keep a business running smoothly. Therefore, it is best to shop around before making a decision. The most recommended way to choose a VoIP provider is to go online to a comprehensive comparison website and then carefully review the plans offered by each of the service providers.

  • The benefits of using VoIP phone systems for your business will far outweigh any additional costs.
  • If you choose the right VoIP provider, you will be able to reduce the cost of phone expenses while maintaining high-quality service that will impress your clients and provide you with the security and compliance you require.
  • VoIP has the ability to completely change the way we do business, and you should explore all options before deciding on a specific VoIP Phone Service Provider. It’s time to get your business on the VoIP road map!