Managed WiFi, also known as Commercial Mobile WiFi or WMM, is a business option that enables an enterprise to outsource the various tasks involved in setting up, securing, configuring, maintaining and monitoring a commercial WiFi network. Advantages of a managed WiFi service can include lowered operational cost, enhanced monitoring and control, improved productivity, reduced risk management and increased control. These services can also be used as a basis for choosing the right equipment and solutions for your business. Below is more information on Managed WiFi.

One of the primary advantages of Managed WiFi service is that it helps in the setting up, implementation and maintenance of wireless networks in large organizations. A managed service provider is able to provide its customers with hands-on assistance at every stage of the process. Some of the services which can be offered by a managed service provider include: assisting the customer in selecting the ideal base station or router; providing hardware and software support; configuring the hardware; managing and monitoring the connection; and providing hardware and software upgrades as required. The managed service also enables the service provider to monitor the performance and health of the entire network. Some of the benefits which are derived from these services include:

Improves Managed WiFi Network Management

In a nutshell, Managed WiFi service providers work as wireless routers for your enterprise and thus manage all the aspects associated with its successful installation and operation. This way, you do not need to manually manage the wireless connections of your organization. For instance, you can monitor the performance and health of the entire network by having a single view of the entire system. You will also get to know about the speed of the connections and the downtime that you might face because of problems like connection drops or connection failures. The entire system will be managed and monitored by professionals who work for the company and thus provide complete assistance to the enterprise. The other advantage of managed wifi system is that you can configure and change various things on the system without even stepping out of your office.

Creating a Managed WiFi Solution for Your Business

Managed Wifi solutions are very beneficial for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) because it helps them keep track of their entire network infrastructure without spending too much time and money. These managed wifi systems are created keeping in mind the exact requirements of small businesses. Some of the most common types of Managed WiFi solutions include: Enterprise Wifi System: This is one of the most advanced managed wifi solutions available for small businesses. It provides enterprise-grade features including key management of multiple wireless networks, WPA security protection, WPA password authentication, schedule maintenance and more.

On-site Wifi Service Provider: Managed Wifi providers offer wireless connectivity even when the router is located outside the premises of the client. An on-site provider offers the best Wifi experience with the added convenience of not having to install or manage any hardware. You just have to pay for the service and enjoy unlimited connectivity irrespective of whether you are at home or at the work place. Some of the top Managed Wifi providers include BT Customer Street, Eero Saarinen and others. They help to ensure that all your communication needs are met.

Home Wifi Service Providers: Most people prefer to stay at home because it saves a lot of time and also helps them to multitask. Many of the modern homes have integrated wireless networks that allow the user to connect to the internet through various internet service providers (ISP). However, not all people can afford such internet services from their ISP and so they look for home wifi solutions. These home wifi service providers help you make internet access as easy and convenient as possible without requiring you to install any hardware.

Cloud-Based Managed WiFi: The benefits of cloud-based managed wifi solutions are that it does not require you to install any hardware or software. The entire system is managed by a special web-based application that works on the behalf of you. However, the providers manage the connection of multiple access points through the same web portal. You simply need to pay the charges for accessing the internet and you will have unlimited connectivity even when you are traveling or at home.

  • In short, choosing the right managed wifi solution in-house or for a business premise can make all the difference.
  • It is easier to secure a mobile broadband connection over the physical wire connection.
  • It has increased mobility across locations.
  • Finally, you can take advantage of various Managed WiFi networks depending on your specific requirements and budget.